roger-lambert-reading-bookIf you desire hope and inspiration, look no farther than the life of Roger Lambert.  Living over forty years of his life legally blind hasn’t kept him from being a minister, a basketball coach, author, and motivational speaker.  Roger portrays a message of hope and encouragement that is beneficial to all.

Within the context of “Paying Victory’s Price,” Lambert teaches that everything worth having, including victory and success, carries a price tag.  His readers learn quickly that the price of success is never cheap.  Although, victory is expensive, Lambert compels others to pursue victory with the understanding that it is attainable.

Life’s journey can be littered with unforeseen obstacles, each obstacle in our way causing the price of our success to rise higher and higher.  “Paying Victory’s Price,” provides the knowledge that will help you sharpen your life skills, allowing you to overcome the obstacles between you and your success.  The motivational quotes, inspirational stories, personal examples, and Biblical examples found in “Paying Victory’s Price,” will encourage you to press onward in pursuit of your victory.

Roger Lambert lives in beautiful southwest Michigan, and is supported by his wife Vicki and their four children, Rachel, John, Clinton, and Jordan.  His passion for basketball was his motivation to coach both boys and girls for 27 years.  Although, Lambert spent much of his career coaching middle school basketball, he also spent time coaching elementary kids and high school students.

As Lambert coached he realized that many of his players failed to understand what was necessary to be successful.  He therefore guided them in areas such as, setting goals, maintaining a positive attitude, overcoming rejection, and staying focussed.  Since people of all ages and all walks of life could use help in these areas, Lambert was inspired to write “Paying Victory’s Price,” in an attempt to help others become more successful.

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