Motivating Dreams

Lighting the way to victory!

lighthouseDreams are a popular topic of discussion in our world today.  It seems that everywhere we turn, whether it is radio, television or social media, there is mention of dreams.  We are told to chase our dreams, follow our dreams, and we are told to make our dreams become a reality.  If you go to a Disney theme park, you may even be told that you are in a place where dreams come true.

Our use of the word dreams covers a broad spectrum.  It includes everything from what we dream about at night, to a more glamorous lifestyle, and many things in between.  Perhaps at times we use the word dreams too freely.  For example we refer to the things that we want to accomplish as our dreams, when the things we are trying to accomplish aren’t our real dreams, but merely a way to create income.  The income created may very well be used to allow us to live out our true dreams.  Nevertheless dreams come in many shapes and sizes, and each of us can choose what defines our dreams.

Some dreams can become our motivating force, which can drive us towards the accomplishment of difficult and time consuming tasks.  A motivating dream can help us overcome obstacles that stand between us and our successes in life.  A motivating dream can be a powerful source of inspiration.  Obviously, not all of our dreams, or what we refer to as dreams, can have this inspiring affect, so how do we know what dreams can be used for motivation?

In most cases the things we are trying to accomplish in our life and our motivating dreams are not the same thing.  Usually we need more than just the thought of achieving success or victory to motivate us during the long journey leading to our accomplishments in life.  Typically, our motivating dreams are centered, around those things we are passionate about, like our dream house, our dream car, the opportunity to travel, having time to spend with our family or being able to volunteer our time at church.  Perhaps the dream that will fuel your fire is something totally different.  If you still aren’t sure what your dream is, ask yourself the following question.  If money was absolutely no object, and if I had all the free time I wanted, what would I do with my time?  The answer to this question should shed some light on what you are truly passionate about.  With this information in mind you should be able to identify your motivating dream.

Now that you have a better idea of what constitutes a motivating dream, it is time to use your dream.  Determine what it is that you want to accomplish, apply your dream to that project, and overcome any obstacles that come your way.  In order to be successful, you will need some grit and determination, but developing a strong dream is a major step in the right direction.

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