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Are You Sure, You Would Go to Heaven, If You Died Today?

Reverend Roger Lambert discusses some of the most critical elements of our spiritual lives, in his new book entitled, “7 Reasons People Miss Out on Heaven.” He provides biblical answers to such questions as: Does everyone go to heaven? Why was hell created? Why were the borders of hell expanded? Is a loving God too good to damn people to hell?
Although, Lambert has been legally blind for over forty years, he has been an avid student of the Bible most of his life. Lambert also shares with his reader, exactly what a person needs to do to prepare themselves to go to heaven, based on what the Bible says. Reverend Lambert’s book was self-published through a division of Amazon, called Createspace.  BUY IT NOW

Blind Basketball Coach Releases New Book

Despite being legally blind for over forty years Roger Lambert drew from his experiences from a 27 year career as a basketball coach in his hometown of Allegan Michigan, while writing his book entitled “Paying Victory’s Price.”  As an author Lambert discusses the price of success.  He points out to his readers, that victory and success are never cheap.  Despite this Lambert says, “No matter what obstacle stands between you and your victory, you’ll find that the wide variety of success stories included in this book will be helpful in motivating you to reach beyond the obstacle in your way.” The book also includes tools to help you on the path to success, motivational quotes, and Biblical examples.

Lambert challenges the reader to dream big dreams, while providing the hope necessary to accomplish those dreams.  Lambert chose to self-publish his book by using Createspace Publishing, a division of BUY IT NOW

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